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ALC/VOL. 57% | 700ml

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Following the massive success of the 2021 launch of KISS Cold Gin, Brands For Fans, KISS and their licensing agent, Epic Rights, responded to the overwhelming demand from fans for another high-quality KISS beverage and what is better suited than paying tribute to The Iconic KISS Kruise unforgettable rock n roll on the high seas with a KISS Cold Gin Navy Strength. 

The history behind calling a gin Navy Strength dates back to the 18th Century. In the British Navy, gin was stored on ships next to the gunpowder. Should the gin barrels spilt and get into the gunpowder, the higher alcohol content - minimum of 57% - ensured that the gunpowder was not destroyed, and would still explode.

KISS Cold Gin Navy Strength 57% has a five-time distilled base including juniper, lemon peel and a selection of fine spices. No artificial flavours or added sweeteners. To maintain the highest quality, additional flavours of juniper and lemon are macerated and blended with the distillate, achieving a full balance of the botanical experience. 


Very clear tones of juniper, citrus and herbs a generous aroma and classic gin character


Well balanced with clear character of juniper, citrus and herbs


Intensifies and grows in the mouth. Full bodied, clear and lasting character of juniper with a smooth finish which is distinctively and maintains an astringent character

Regular price $49.99
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SKU: 213-1454-9900499

Volume: 700ml

Alcohol: 57%

Category: Gin

Country of Origin: Sweden

Producer: Brands For Fans

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