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ALC/VOL. 40% | 700 mL

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Taking its name and character from the closing song on KISS’s 1974 debut album, KISS Black Diamond Premium Dark Rum is an exceptionally smooth blend of Caribbean cask rums aged up to 15 years and bottled at 40%.

The high quality of this master-blended creation is shown in the six internationally recognized awards received since the product's launch in October 2020.


Nuanced aroma with a pronounced oak-character. Distinct tones of dried fruit, butterscotch, arrack, vanilla, orange peel and nuts.


Layered palate with a restrained sweetness and a marked oak-character. Well defined tones of dried apricot, arrack, vanilla, nuts, dried dates, vanilla fudge, cinnamon and chocolate.


Slightly spicy and well rounded.

KISS Black Diamond Rum is un-filtered, ensuring the intensity of character is retained. Whilst some cloudiness may appear in the bottle, this doesn’t affect the flavour or taste – it is instead an indication of the liquid’s high quality.


Immortalized on one of the world’s greatest live albums - KISS Alive, Black Diamond was instantly destined to become a classic track, and now has further life in KISS Black Diamond Premium Dark Rum. The product has already received six internationally revered awards for quality and design within the first 12 months since launch.
2021 – International Spirits Challenge, Silver Award for Quality
2021 – The SIP Awards, Platinum Award for Quality
2021 – The SIP Awards – Gold Award for Design
2021 – The Spirits Business, Gold Award for Quality
2021 – Beverage Testing Institute, Silver Award for Quality
2020 – Las Vegas Global Spirit Awards, Silver Award for Quality

Drawing from the #KISStory archives, the design and label draws inspiration from the band’s early days, referencing both costumes and their iconic make-up. These hidden gems make the experience a pure treat for fans who grew up loving KISS and are now discovering great rum.

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SKU: 213-1454-9899726

Volume: 700 ml

Alcohol: 40 %

Category: Rum

Country of Origin: Caribbean

Producer: Brands For Fans

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Muti-award Winning Product