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ALC/VOL. 43% | 700 mL

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Named after the Latin word for ‘monster,’ the KISS Monstrum Ultra Premium Dark Rum lives up to its title as a monstrously exceptional rum. It’s the newest and boldest addition to the portfolio that’s not to be missed.

To capture the desired quality of this limited edition creation, the search for the perfect rums went as far as Latin America and the Caribbean. Specially selected from Guyana and Jamaica, the rums have been aged for over 14 years in ancient arrack leggers, a very particular edition of 800 litre oak casks.

Uniquely blended by Brands For Fans’ highly internationally awarded Master Blender, the curated result is one of high quality perfection in a clean, clear and light coloured premium rum which does not contain any added sugars or flavouring.


Elegant, complex and well-developed aromas of arrack, coconut, raisins and a hint of vanilla


Slightly spicy palate leading with clear oak character and less sweetness, rounded off by subtle arrack, muscovado sugar and light vanilla tones


Well-balanced and rounded finish highlights the sophistication of the blend


For KISS fans, the design is a treasure trove discovery of hidden references to the iconic band’s history. The concept is built upon ‘Creatures of the Night’, the band’s revered 10th studio album. The name ‘Monstrum’ within the product title has dual meaning – the latin translation for ‘monster’ (a creature of the night) and wordplay combining ‘rum’.

The vibrant gold flames represent the makeup and eyes of The Demon. Incorporated within the intricate blue pattern one can find the mask of The Fox’s makeup, taken from the same era of KISStory. Surrounding the KISS logo and title is a recreation of the stage scenery from the Creatures of The Night tour, including the particularly memorable tank used as a drum riser. For added effect, the tank is also referenced by the geometric shape surrounding the ‘Aged 14 years’ statement in parallel to The Spaceman’s costume. Rising high above the design is the shining star, a symbol of The Starchild and a closing reference to the night sky.

As the crown jewel of the KISS Rum Kollection and a larger-than-life representation of Creatures of the Night album, both the bottle label and box design have a special glow-in-the-dark coating which creates a living memory of a product which will always shine bright, even in the night.

Regular price $174.99
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SKU: 213-1454-9899911

Volume: 700 ml

Alcohol: 43 %

Category: Rum

Country of Origin: Caribbean

Producer: Brands For Fans

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